Just Try Not To Smile | An Interview With Tipling Rock

–by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur


Tipling Rock

Not only does this indie rock band from Boston make some incredibly catchy, meaningful music, they also took what is, I believe, one of the most awesome band promo shots EVER (see above). Seriously I cannot explain to you how much I love that picture. But enough about that! These guys are steadily becoming one of Boston’s most exciting indie rock groups and I invite you to try to listen to their music and not smile. They let me interview them about their beginnings as a band as well as their plans for the future. Check it out below: 

Quincy Tejani: How did you guys first meet each other? 

Tipling Rock: Tommy and Dillon and I met back in high school. We met Matt at Northeastern University, and that’s when we started Tipling Rock.

QT: What was the moment when you thought “Okay, we’re awesome. Let’s start a band.”? 

TR: I had been writing a bunch of music back as a freshman, and wanted to start a band to play it. We knew we all had the chemistry to play together, and were super excited about the tunes, so that’s when it started!

QT: On your Soundcloud there is a hilarious shot of you guys standing with your instruments in the water. Where was that photo taken? 

TR: That’s one of our favorite pictures! We were down in Florida to shoot our music video for Low Tide Love, and we wanted to have a scene of us playing up to our chests in water. We found the cheapest nonfunctional instruments we could buy and brought them in with us. Good times. 

A shot of the guys on their trip to Florida

A shot of the guys on their trip to Florida

QT: Is your new single “Campus Fashion” about someone in particular or is it just about any random girl that you see walking down the street? 

TR: “Campus Fashion” was definitely inspired by all the college girls in Boston who really know how to dress (and believe me Boston gets pretty hipster). The specific story in the song ended up taking a bit more of an ironic turn, but I have a pretty clear image in my head of the girl it’s about!

QT: I love the single cover for “Low Tide Love”. Do you do the cover artwork yourselves? 

TR: We hired a guy names Charles Miller to do that artwork. Super happy with it! We were involved with the artwork for our new single “Campus Fashion” however! 

QT: You guys released your debut EP “Punch Lines and Good Times” last August. Can we expect a full length any time soon? 

TR: We definitely would like to release a full length in the future but we end up getting too excited about our songs as we’re writing them! Maybe if we learned to be patient…. We have bunch of material that we’re really excited about, but at this point we’re probably still going to be doing singles until we feel that it’s the right time to release a full length.

QT: How about a tour? We want to see you guys up here in Toronto! 

TR: We’ve got some cool shows in the pipes that we’re really excited about! Nothing to show right now but we’ll announce on our socials.

QT: Finally, would you rather always have to blurt out everything you’re thinking or never be able to speak again? 

TR: I’m gonna have to go with never speaking again!


Quincy Tejani is the co-founder of The Violet Wave and is also editor of music. When he’s not listening to or writing about music you can probably find him walking through the forests of Ontario or questioning the inner workings of the universe. He also never turns down a cold Pabst… never.

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