An Interview with Manchester-Based Indie-Pop Trio FAITALA

–by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur



It’s always exciting to find a band right when they are hitting their stride. In the case of indie-pop band FAITALA it seems everything is clicking at the right time for the Manchester-based trio and it’s only a matter of time before their exciting brand of electronically based indie tunes are heard not only throughout Europe but throughout the entire world of music listeners. Last week I was given the lucky opportunity to have a brief discussion with band leader David Faitala about the band’s new EP Departures as well as the direction the band hopes to go in.

Quincy Tejani: What is it about indie-pop that gets you excited? Why do you think you’ve chosen to create the kind of music you do rather than say, folk?

David Faitala: I’ve always had a fascination for electronic sounds, the way in which sounds can be dreamed up, manipulated and combined. It was also a refreshing outlet from my time spent as an instrumentalist.

Album artwork for Faitala's Departure EP

Album artwork for Faitala’s Departure EP

QT: I understand that the three of you have been playing music together since 2012 but have just released your debut EP Departures a couple of weeks ago. Was there a reason you decided to wait so long to release your first album?

DF: It took time to really get a balance right with material that not only worked as recordings, but that could be performed well. For the first couple of years, I used a nylon-stringed guitar. We had a lot of difficulty with getting songs to work live, to the point that we ended up leaving songs off our set list. Eventually, I started using an electric guitar, which then changed which songs we wanted to focus on recording and which we’d be happy releasing.

QT: The production on the first single “Forty-One” is fantastic. Do you produce the music yourselves or have you hired a producer? 

DF: We worked with a mixing engineer to help pull everything together. We sat side by side for each session and I’m reasonably happy with everything.

QT: Are you planning on doing a tour to support Departures? Maybe take a trip across the pond to play for us in Toronto? 

DF: We’ve played a number of shows in the UK including dates in Manchester, Huddersfield, Lancaster, Sheffield and Nottingham. Playing Toronto would be incredible!

QT: What are your future plans as far as the band is concerned? What do you hope to accomplish with the FAITALA project? 

DF: The next EP is already in the pipelines so the focus for now is writing and recording new songs. I’d love to invite some guest appearances on some of the tracks featuring some artists we really like so watch this space. 2017 is looking up!

A review of the entire EP will be available next week! In the meantime have a listen to the band’s first single “Forty One” below: 


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