Indie Spotlight | Vast Asteroid | Encrypted

– By The Violet Wave –

Those into shoegaze and space rock will appreciate Vast Asteriod’s new music video and single, “Encrypted,” and it’s a dark and tender glare into a mysterious side of rock and roll.

The thing we love most about space rock, desert rock, stoner rock, or any sound belonging in that dark and gritty group of sub-genres, is how it makes us feel the sand in our mouths and the hot air in our head at the same time. The heavy, pounding drums, throbbing bass, and reprimanding guitar riffs mixed with the usual melodic vocal takeover is a combination that’s hard to resist. And this is exactly how we felt when we saw and listened to Vast Asteroid’s “Encrypted.”

Los Angeles-based Vast Asteroid is made up of bassist Mimi Star (formerly of The Warlocks), drummer Mark Reback from Slaughter And The Dogs, and James Poulos.


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