Indie Spotlight | Matt Woods | Rearview

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Grab a drink, sit back, and prepare for a trip to 8-bit Havana, Cuba with “Rearview” by Matt Woods.

Have you ever met someone while traveling and thought that “this could be it?” You do everything to pursue it, and it worked for a while. When you were apart, you took a gamble and traveled to go see that person. It was amazing and such a whirlwind of a romance. Unfortunately, you know it’s not going to last. Distance will always tear it apart.

“The track is built around this idea that as you put more distance between you and somebody else they disappear smaller and smaller, but no matter how far you drive away from them, they never fully disappear,” said Matt Woods.

The musician decided to document a personal account similar of “temporary romance” whilst traveling, and the music video is inspired by his time in Havana, Cuba. The musician also shared that his father used to work in a video arcade hall, and he would spend hours just playing and staring at the games.

This song is also the first to be lifted from Woods’ forthcoming EP called “Fauxstalgia”. Woods’ wrote the EP to come to terms with the fact that he might never be with a particular someone he love. The EP is intended as a love-letter to the idea that sometimes, some things just aren’t meant to be but that It’s totally okay not to ever move on completely.

Matt Woods will be bringing his sound to Europe this year, where his travel memories documented in his new music gets extra context.  He’ll be hitting-up the capital cities of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands & France whilst playing in Belgium city Antrerp between March 11-20.
All dates in March:
11 – Brooklyn Bar (Stockholm, Sweden)
12 – Ideal Bar (Copenhagen, Denmark)
13 – Berghain Kantine (Berlin, Germany)
14 – Trix VZW (Antwerp, Belgium)
15 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
16 – V11 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
20 – Club 1999 (Paris, France) ** Free  Admission **

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