Indie Spotlight | Jamison Isaak | EP1

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

If you’re always complaining about stress and the cacophony of so many noises cluttering your head, Jamison Isaak’s “EP 1” will soothe everything out.

A 4-track EP containing serene tracks with mainly piano and guitar parts, “EP 1” is ambient music meant for relaxation. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not the kind you’ll commonly hear in a spa or in an elevator. Despite their sheer simplicity, the tracks hold a lot of eloquence (and elegance) that pierces through deepest thoughts and transforms them into feelings of ease.

Hailing from British Columbia, Jamison Isaak has been making music under different monikers, including Teen Daze (listen to one of our favorite tracks from Teen Daze below), whose sound is more chill wave-y and electronic. It’s nice to hear an absolutely different side of Isaak’s musical brain in EP1, and it goes to show that his brilliance shines through genres and styles.

“EP1” was released on February 16, and it’s the most relaxing kind of fresh you will encounter this week.

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