Indie Spotlight | The Crowleys | Pink Rainbows

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

“Pink Rainbows” by The Crowleys is a neo psychedelic track with a folk undertone. Aside from psychedelic folk, it’s pretty obvious how the band is inspired by classic rock (The Beatles, particularly). It has a dreamy pop feel, and it’s best to listen to when thinking of the lighter things in life.

The song is from their new EP, “Colours Change Their Tones,” and the Ontario-based band had something to say about it.

“The title comes from a corny little line in Midnight Blue, “The colours change their tone when I hear her on the phone”. It’s about how a significant person or event can change how you perceive everything around you. Small or dull things that you never notice are suddenly bright and very much in the foreground. Or like a character in a film that falls upon tough times and has literal storm clouds roll overhead.  Related to that is how terrifying it is that sudden and small things or occurrences – in the grand scheme of your life – can have huge impacts.”

Trust us, the song is as cutesy as the title suggests.

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