Featured Video | Kayobe | Sun Don’t Shine Ft. Olive B

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Electro act Kayobe delivers a solid trip hop track called “Sun Don’t Shine,” with the sugary pairing of Olive B,’s vocals. To keep it simple: it’s the kind of music perfect for a laid back night filled with wine (and maybe sedatives).

There came a time in the indie world when a certain pitch and style of singing got popular: this kind of high-pitched r&b-style with breaks in between syllables. While Olive B.’s voice reminds us so much of this trend, it came as a blessing. It’s the perfect pairing for Kayobe’s beats and synths, and the music video is as ethereal as the song sounds.

Having going through many different monikers, “Kayobe” is musician, Kevin O’Brien’s latest project, and this sound is a result of his past production projects involving an array of genres, such as jazz, pop, hip hop.


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