Featured Video | Boyhood | Drivin’

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

This music video gives the raw feeling of being carefree on the road with no plans and a lot of ambition.

Boyhood, or Caylie Runciman, has a stage appeal that’s quite unusual and enigmatic. The Belleville-based musician has been around for a while, and was even branded by Noisey as a “prog-grunge siren.”

Her music video for “Drivin’” has an easier, softer aura compared to her past songs, and it’s soothing to watch especially if the mind keeps on drifting off to other places other than where you are right now. The video shows Caylie just cruising around in her car as she sings along with the melody, with the song’s 90’s-feel guitar riffs serve as a soundtrack to flashing lights, traffic signs, and empty streets filled with ice.

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