Featured Video | Young Galaxy | Frontier

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Those who gamble into being controlled in the music industry usually suffer aesthetic consequences that are far from their true states. But not Young Galaxy. Recently, electro pop duo from Montreal announced their independence from record companies and decided to pursue their career in their own terms. To uphold their brazen spunk, the duo recently released a single and a music video called “Frontier,” and it’s a clear look into what they are really about: mature, bold, and sonically stimulating in the right amounts.

“Frontier” has a slow, mellow tempo, with vocalist Catherine McCandless sounding serene above Stephen Ramsay’s sedating beats.

“We wrote the song Frontier and realized that it was, and is the manifesto for this album. Down Time grew around it. Frontier is the core and the data from which all the rest of the songs derive their meaning. It needed to be a stripped down signal coming in to a loved one. With a concept of intimate detail, high contrast, and work-like, utilitarian dress we shot a non-performance performance video featuring light, textures, bravery, and braun. I wanted to shoot a love letter that fortifies, works for change, and spills over in it’s celebration of the place of this love,” said McCandless, who was heavily involved in the filming and editing of the music video.



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