Featured Video| Twiceyoung | Uneven Kind

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Electro synth duo, Twiceyoung, releases their latest video for “Uneven Kind,” and it’s a kaleidoscopic ride into finding identity and being lost in your own world.

The video shows twisted teenage fantasies between girls as they try to make their own world filled with unusual imagery. It’s almost like the video is a 5-minute trailer of a coming-of-age teenage cult drama that gives importance to self-expression, fantasies, and a lot of venturing into the woods. We couldn’t stop looking and we were definitely peeled, and that is only a good thing.

A hypnotic mix of ethereal portraits and poignant imagery, the video provides a lulling narrative for the synth-heavy song.

“We wanted to tell a story that encompassed an entire life centred around one character looking both into their past from an old age questioning decisions they’ve made, and as a young person looking to their future with fear of decisions to come. Fear of making the wrong choice freezes them, and that indecision isolates and disconnects them. Coming-of-age as seen from multiple states of being,” said the band, in a post by Clash Music.

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