Feature Video | Radical Face | Doubt

-by Libby Sutherland, Violet Wave staff-

Radical Face is the project of the Los Angeles based musician, Ben Cooper. His newest album, called “Therapy” dropped April 26th and is an EP about aftermath, he says. “We often write about immediate experiences, but not so much about trying to make sense of whatever you’re left with. The songs cover different aspects of this (doubt, guilt, acceptance, etc), and of trying to find a new sense of normalcy after everything has changed.”

Our video today covers the aspect of doubt and is therefore appropriately titled as “Doubt”. According to Cooper, the video was made without any post-production at all, only using software to crossfade each clip (which took about 30-45 minutes of sitting still) into the other. We’re thankful for the hard work that resulted in this clever video. To find more from Radical Face and the new EP “Therapy”, click here:





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