Feature Video | Merival | No Brakes

-by Libby Sutherland, Violet Wave Staff-

“No Brakes” is the next single off of Merival (or Anna Horvath’s) debut album Lessons, set to release on August 2nd. Merival is a Toronto based musician whose delicate voice has complemented previous collaborations with Swim Good Now (Ryan Hemsworth, Teen Daze), Luke Lalonde (Born Ruffians) and Toronto’s DCF. Horvath has also been quite open about her mental health and has come to question its relationship to the artistic writing process in this song – asking whether an artist needs to be in a darker psychological place to make better music.

About the video, “[The video for] ‘No Brakes’ was a fun flip around from the track. Whereas lyrically we had a serious subject: depression, and does feeling worse make better art? — This topic was given a spin with contrasting musical elements, for the video we took a kind of goofy narrative and tried to lend some gravitas to the actions around it” she says. Combining Merival’s sweet and effortless-seeming vocals, a carousel dance type of melody, and deeply profound lyrics, it won’t be hard to make it to the end of this song. But trust us, you’re going to want to watch to the end of the video too.

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