Feature Video | J.R | Be My Man

Today’s feature video is from another badass female pop rocker, Julianna Riolino, stylized as J.R. The song, “Be My Man” is just 1 minute and 40 seconds long, but is upbeat, catchy, indie rock inspired and leaves you wanting more.

“This song is about making the same mistake over and over, hoping that you learn from it. Going into a new relationship with unbridled confidence that a disaster isn’t waiting to happen “Be My Man” is a plea to let go of the past and believe in the present.” According to J.R, the song, which was inspired by leaving the city and going back to her hometown, was written at a time after an abusive relationship had “depleted my confidence and amplified my self-doubt. This song is a reflection of that period in my life and my response to an angry man.” 

As listeners, many of us can relate to these feelings – it just happens to be an added bonus they’ve been put into the form of a fuzzy indie pop song and a cool old school video format. Find more of J.R here:



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