Feature Video | Highest Sea | I’m On The Moon

-by Libby Sutherland, Violet Wave Staff-

Our featured video today comes from another Berlin transplant by way of Nice, via Paris. Highest Sea, also known as Leïla Zanzibar, moved to Berlin to “fulfil her need to explore herself and her art in the city she had fallen in love with as a young adult, fascinated by this playground for the free spirits.”

And that she did! “I’m On The Moon” is melancholic, dreamy, and mystical pop music at its best. By combining Zanzibar’s soft and airy vocals, daunting and dark minor guitar chords, and her “oooh’s” and “ahhhs” we get an auspicious and powerful vibe not only from this song but about the future of Highest Sea’s career as well.

To stay up to date on the release of the upcoming EP “Haven” follow Highest Sea here:





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