Feature Video | Grizzly Coast | Half-Light Boy

-by Libby Sutherland, Violet Wave Staff-

“Half-Light Boy” is the second single to be released by Toronto local, Allanah Kavanagh, better known as Grizzly Coast. According to Kavanagh, as a poet with a passion for music, performing music as an acoustic singer-songwriter has been something she has done for a long time. Grizzly Coast, however, is an exploration of diving deeper into lyricism and expansion of playing with a full band of indie rockers.

“Half-Light Boy” is about a confrontation I knew I would never bother to actually have,” she says “[Half-Light Boy] is about the sobering realization that not every person you encounter will have the same heart as you. Someone else’s lack of care for you is often due to something lacking in them – it is never an expression of what you deserve.”

Keep up with Grizzly Coast as they release more singles soon to be featured on a full-length LP:





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