Feature Video | Alexandria Maillot | Messed It Up

-by Libby Sutherland, Violet Wave staff-

“Messed It Up” is the first single to be released off of Alexandria Maillot’s upcoming sophomore record Benevolence (set to release Fall 2019). The song is about an open wound that is desperately yearning to be mended. After making the choice to move out of Vancouver (juggling 3 jobs and no time or inspiration to write) Maillot moved back to Vancouver Island into a remote cabin in her mom’s backyard. It was here, she says, that the music returned to her naturally.

Pairing a hooky and re-verb filled guitar line with Maillot’s echo-y vocals, the song feels full, both sonically and emotionally, and the video is a perfect match. We’re happy Alexandria Maillot put herself first and made the change she felt she needed. In her own words, “turning a new page may often be uncomfortable; but change is not linear, and neither is life.” For more on the artist:






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