Feature Song | Michael Paradise | Meant To Be

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Take a seat and look back at how you spent your day. Are you tired in any sort of way? Did you do something that stressed you out? Let “Meant To Be” by Michael Paradise put your mood into a relaxed state.

This stunning chillwave debut from Toronto’s Michael Paradise is relaxing and puts our minds at ease, and we’re pretty sure it will do the same to you. It’s light, airy, and bubbly, like a sonic sip of cold champagne at the end of the day.

“I just wanted to let go of all the tensions and self-awareness and doubts and mind games to make a song that feels good. It’s part of the idea behind the name “Michael Paradise”: I’m trying to tap into a side of me, and society at large, that is willing to put yourself out there, be vulnerable, and creatively express yourself without fearing judgement. Doing it for the process rather than the outcome.” Said the artist.


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