Feature Song | James Parm | I Know I Know I Know

-by Libby Sutherland, Violet Wave Staff-

James Parm is a Montreal native who’s new LP entitled Oh My Darling mixes childhood influences of 90’s garage rock and downer pop with his love of jazz and hip hop. Our song featured today, “I Know I Know I Know” is for fans of the Pixies, The Dandy Warhols, Metric and/or Radiohead.

Inspired by feelings of dissatisfaction with the vapidity and materialism that life can offer, Parm turned to writing as an outlet. “I feel like my music is just a process that allows me to slowly unravel what isn’t truthful about life, so I applied it to processing this feeling of being a cultural outsider” he says. The Oh My Darling LP is an ideal companion for anyone who may be feeling similarly to Parm but can be easily enjoyed by anyone.

To hear the EP in full and see more of James Parm:





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