Feature Song I Fela Kuti I Expensive Shit

by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur– 

There is an absolutely hilarious story behind this song that I must tell. Fela Kuti was the king of African music in 70’s and he often used his records to speak out against the government. For this reason one day his house was targeted for a drug search. According to legend, Fela was warned about the search and swallowed all of his drugs before the cops got there. The cops, realizing what he had done brought him to jail to wait for him to poop. They planned to test his waste and therefore prove that he had swallowed drugs. Apparently, Fela being the resourceful man that he was, paid for his cellmates poop and gave that to the guards instead. After he was freed he recorded this track as a testament to that struggle. “Expensive Shit: indeed: