Feature Song | Charlotte Cornfield | Storm Clouds

Toronto-based singer and songwriter Charlotte Cornfield releases “Storm Clouds,” a somber, melodic number that will take you on a personal meditative state.

The song’s atmospheric acoustics and Charlotte’s vocal range will take you on a sweet ride that will make you think about your personal struggles and hopeful desires. The overall sound is reminiscent of Sharon Van Etten if she did a single with Broken Social Scene, and it’s no surprise because Kevin Drew worked on Charlotte’s record, “The Shape of Your Name.” While it has an airy melody, the song carries a deeper mantra with its lyrics, as explained by Charlotte herself.

“I had been carrying around the ‘storm clouds, elation, desire, mania, darkness’ refrain for a long time – it’s a personal meditation,” said Cornfield in a press release.

Listen to “Storm Clouds”below.




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