Best Websites for Readers


As is turns out, these two get along famously.

by Bridgette Mabuto

If you take your reading seriously, you know how passionate we readers can be. We tend to fall in love with characters and obsess over details, all while being sleep deprived from our late-night readings. We’ve creating communities online, which vary from amazing to questionable. As readers, we love to share our opinions, reviews and recommendations with others, but it can be hard to find the right websites.

Well, I’ve done the work for you. Below are some of the best website for readers, and you can visit them easily by clicking their names. You might like them all, you might like a few, but I’m almost positive you’ll find at least one you enjoy. And several books, too. And if there’s anything a reader needs it’s more books, right?


It shouldn’t come as a shock that is one of my favorite websites, I mention it on QAve all the time! On Goodreads, you can add friends and join groups that share similar interests, whether they be a specific genre, series or book. Many authors are also members on Goodreads so you can subscribe to them to get updates on tour dates and book releases. Goodreads also does several advanced copy giveaways, so there’s always a chance you could win free books, too!

My favorite thing about Goodreads is the review sections on each book. You can go through and read what people had to say about a book you’re considering, so you get an idea if it will be something you like. If you have friends who like the same genres as you, you’ll see their reviews first, which is always an advantage. Don’t worry! Members are very careful about giving spoilers in their reviews.


Technically speaking, is a cataloguing website for readers. It allows you to keep track of all the books you own and/or have read. However, most members on LibraryThing will tell you that there’s so much more to the website. Like Goodreads, it’s a community that allows you to share as much or as little as you want about your reading habits. And you can get recommendations and advice from the members who have similar interests as you.

LibraryThing is a growing community, but it’s still quite a bit smaller than Goodreads. So, if you’re looking for a closer knit place to talk about and share your books, then LibraryThing might be right for you.

Neglected Books 

With so many great books on the market these days, it can be easy to overlook little gems that are known by very few people. If you’re a fan of finding these hidden books, you’ll adore On this website, forgotten books are summarized and reviewed for readers like you and me to devour.

What I like about Neglected Books is that it doesn’t feel like promotion. With so many companies making money from book reviews, it’s refreshing to find a website that has no ulterior motive. Most book mentions include excerpts from the books as well as a picture of the cover.

What Should I Read Next? 

Sometimes finding the next book is too much of an effort. If you’re tired of reading through reviews and digging through suggestions, try out The nifty website allows you to type in a book title or author and it then suggests books that are similar.

I’ll admit plenty of websites like What Should I Read Next exist. However, I really enjoy that each book has several keywords that describes what type of book it is and the results share from a few to several of the keywords. I like to see what genres or keywords I tend to lean towards and explore those categories to get more options.

Authors Den 

If you like to dabble in writing as well as reading or you enjoy communicating with authors personally, you’ll love This website is home to avid readers as well as writers. Many up-and-coming writers will post their work on Authors Den for free or for very low prices, which gives you a chance to get in on books before they get big.

I’ll have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Authors Den’s look. However, when I’m in a hunting mood and can’t get to my local bookstore, I like to spend a bit of time roaming through the site. I like that I can learn about the authors as well as read a few reviews for the book before deciding whether I’ll purchase or not. Several times, I’ve found that the books I’m interested are only available through Authors Den, so I’m glad I stumbled on them.


This website is so unique! The majority of book-suggestion websites base your choices on your favorite author or books you’ve read recently. However, with Whichbook (, you get book suggestions based on your mood or what you’re in the mood to read. You’re given several options, from happy or sad to easy or demanding, and you’ll get a list of books based off of your answers.

Whichbook never gives me the same book suggestions. And I love that it doesn’t just focus on genre, which can sometimes be all-consuming. My favorite genres are fantasy and mystery, but by using Whichbook, I’ve discovered several romance, autobiographies, and thrillers that I’ve found very interesting.

The Staff Recommends 

As a general rule, people who work at bookstores are supposed to know more about books than the rest of us, right? Think of as a virtual group of bookstore workers and their favorite lists. On this website, the staff only recommends books they really enjoyed, so you know they already have one thing going for them.

What I appreciate about The Staff Recommends is that they’re very up front about the entire process. And, since I know the reputation of the people who run the website, I feel I can trust most of their recommendations. But that’s just me. Go check out The Staff Recommends for yourself. Even if you don’t like everything, I’m sure you’ll learn about a few interesting books you haven’t heard about yet.