35 Best Indie Tracks of 2017 (Playlist)

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

If you’re expecting one song for today’s “Song of the Day” post, you’re not going to get it. Because we are giving you 34 more. As a way to finish off the year, Camille, our music editor, selected 35 indie tracks that we lovingly featured all throughout 2017.

35 Best Indie Tracks of 2017 (Playlist) - The Violet Wave

35 Best Indie Tracks of 2017 (Playlist) – The Violet Wave

In this playlist, you’ll find gems from bands that you probably slept on: from dream pop to guitar jams, folksy blues to synth pop, lush electro to trippy psychedelic, and everything in between. Underground bands such as Jaguar Purrs, The Wheels, Ugly Sun, Common Holly, Sundaes, and bedroom musicians Danke Shane, Kainalu, Teen Ravine, and popular favorites like The xx and Pale Grey are all in this tasteful indie jam that runs for more than 2 hours.

Grab your earphones, follow this playlist, and welcome 2018 with some of the best tunage indie rock gave us for the last 12 months.

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