Back Back Forward Punch, An Interview with an Electrifying Disco Duo

by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur


Back Back Forward Punch (BBFP) is an electro-disco duo from Melbourne, Australia. Their “super sassy” vocals and thrilling production are what make this band so exciting to listen to. Recently I spoke to the band about their newly released EP, Tragic Lover as well as other things that makes the band tick. Check out the interview below:

Quincy Tejani: Where did you guys originally meet before moving to Melbourne to record your debut EP?

Back Back Forward Punch: We originally met in a pub in Newcastle, NSW before heading to Melbourne many years ago.

QT: What’s it like working as a duo rather than a trio like you were before?
BBFP: Working as a duo just seems natural now after working as such for the past three years. We’ve got really similar tastes in music, we’re good at giving each other honest feedback, and we’ve got our systems for writing and recording down pat.

QT: What inspired you to start recording disco influenced electronic music? Do you have any specific artists that the two of you look up to?
BBFP: I probably came to disco through Jamiroquai and then found Crazy P. I’m still hugely inspired by those bands, but more recently I’ve been moved by the wild vocal ranges of Sia and Florence and the Machine. Andy’s really influenced by nu-disco artists like Gigamesh and Flight Facilities.

BBFB Tragic Lover EP artwork

BBFB Tragic Lover EP artwork

QT: I love the artwork for the new “Machine Believing” single. Who was it who did the artwork?

BBFP: I did the art! I also did the cover art for the two singles we released earlier from this EP. In all three covers, I’ve created aspects of this weird pastel desert land where you’ll find mine and Andy’s heads emerging from the sand, a single Eames chair supporting a potted cactus friend, and a lonesome lady in her underwear being spied on by a creepy sun.

QT: Have you guys been recording lots of new stuff lately? Can your fans expect an LP release in the future?

BBFP: We’ve just started playing with some new tunes. So we’ll see how they turn out.

QT: What’s your recording process like? Do you produce everything on your own?

BBFP: Our process is that Andy will produce a bunch of instrumental ideas, then I’ll have a play with the ones that grab me the most and lay down some ideas for melody lines and lyrics. Each track just gets built upon, tweaked and refined from there. Some tracks need many iterations to wrangle into shape and get right, and others just emerge naturally within one or two versions. We produce, record  and mix everything ourselves in our home studio. Except for final mastering of the tracks. Shout out to Danny Bonnici at Liquid Mixes for that.

QT: Are you planning any tours in the next few months?

BBFP Promo shot

BBFP Promo shot

BBFP: None planned at the moment. Just recording more tunes. We’re not really good at doing both at the same time.

QT: If you could perform in any country which one would you choose? Why?

BBFP: New Zealand – every New Zealander I meet seems to have really good taste in dance music. So we’d love to party with them.

QT: Would you rather be able to fly or teleport?

BBFP: Both are a pretty effective exit from an awkward situation or bad joke. Hmmmmm I’d go teleport. It would be good for getting home at lunch for a quick nap then back to work.