Artist Spotlight: Jo Pedersen

– by Wendy Morley –

Profilepic_400While Jo Pedersen also uses oils, acrylics and other media, she has taken to working with encaustic wax. She says wax is tactile and sensual, and the resultant piece appears three-dimensional. It dries quickly and requires great technical control, but Jo finds it personally freeing to work quickly, engaged on an emotional level, transforming ideas into shapes and colors without losing the initial energy of the idea. “There is a constant exploration of balance: light and dark, emotions and the challenges of human existence,” she says.

Encaustic wax is an ancient art medium that has been rediscovered in the past century by artists such as Diego Rivera. The artist will start with beeswax, mixing in damar resin or other preferred substance, and then pigments. The art is created in layers, the artist using a blowtorch or heat gun to fuse each layer with the previous one.
Jo began her professional artistic life in England, and moved to New Zealand in 2014. She is currently showing at the Flagstaff Gallery, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand, and the Macandmor Gallery, Tauranga, New Zealand. See more of her work at

All images copyright © Jo Pederson

Manifestation_1500Wax on panel51 cm x 121 cm

Manifestation, Wax on panel, 51 cm x 121 cm

YinYangWaves_1500Acrylic on canvas76cm x 50.5cm

Yin Yang Waves, Acrylic on canvas, 76 cm x 50.5 cm

The Artist Wax and mixed media on board 40cm x 40cm

The Artist, Wax and mixed media on board, 40 cm x 40 cm

RainWax on panel 20 cm x 40 cm

Rain, Wax on panel, 20 cm x 40 cm

Version 2

Land and Sea, Wax on panel, triptych, 40 cm x 57.5 cm


Sweet Disposition, Vertical






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