An Interview with Avec Sans, London’s Newest Electro-Pop Phenomenon

by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur

Cover art for lead single off their new album "Heartbreak Hi"

Cover art for lead single off their new album “Heartbreak Hi”

Avec Sans is an electro-pop band that is bursting onto the scene in their native city of London, UK. Composed of members Alice Fox and Jack St. James, the band is releasing their debut album this June. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with them about their new ventures as well as their history as a pop duo. Check out the interview below:

Quincy Tejani: How did you two meet?

Avec Sans: We were at a Death Cab for Cutie show and were both wearing the same t-shirt. It was a funny moment when we stood next to each other at the bar and we got chatting about The Postal Service and we realized we had some mutual friends and a mutual love of the same music.

QT: Did you guys immediately have a musical connection when you started playing together?

AS: We work incredibly well together as we have a lot of the same starting points. It did take us a year to figure out what we sounded like though; sometimes it takes a while to un-bury yourself from your influences.

QT: I love the name of your band. Why did you choose to use a French name?

AS: Originally we were thinking about the phrase Sans Souci which is French for “carefree” or “no worries” – it was that phrase that pulled us into the idea of it being something French, that and the romance of the detachment of another language. Avec Sans / With Without felt more apt, it summarizes our bittersweet writing style of dealing with all of life in as euphoric a way as possible.

QT: Who are your favorite artists? Any major influences?

AS: Acts like Purity Ring, Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service and Active Child. We always start out trying to sound like someone else and it thankfully ends up somewhere different.

QT: So I know you’re releasing an album soon. When is it going to be released?

AS: It’s coming out on June 3rd and it’s an indie release on Beverly Martel Records. We’ve got vinyl, cds, hats, sweaters, polaroids, t-shirts, sink plungers etc etc all here and it’s really helping us to get it all off the ground that people are pre-ordering it. We’re massively thankful that people are getting involved so early on and thankful that the news has been so positively received.

Avec Sans pose for a promotional photo

Avec Sans pose for a promotional photo

QT: Are you planning on touring?

AS: Yes, we’re just putting together a UK tour at the moment and speaking to agents about going further afield. We’ve been invited out to Canada again and hopefully that might mean some more U.S. shows too.

QT: If you could tour in one country where would it be?

AS: We’ve been to America a few times now, we’ve had a little taste of how awesome it is and we’d love to jump on a tour with a bigger act that let us see what life is like across all of the States.

QT: Anything else in the works in the next while?

AS: We’re focusing on SXSW at the moment and then we’ll be straight into finishing the album and the next single.

QT: Would you rather spend an afternoon with Bugs Bunny or Homer Simpson?

AS: I can’t really think what Bugs does with his days, other than eat raw carrots. But I think he’d have better chat, so probably Bugs.