Feature Album | The xx | I See You

–by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur

The xx | I See You

The xx | I See You

Okay let’s start by getting over the fact that this is not The xx’s debut and therefore should not be judged on that fact. On their latest album, I See You, the group has decided to venture further away from the sound that made them successful in the first place while still retaining that ingredient that makes the music sound undoubtedly “them.”

Due to the success of producer Jamie xx’s 2015 album In Color, he is given a much bigger role in the overall sound that the band has here. I have always felt that it is him more than Romy and Oliver that gives the band the edge over other current indie groups and so it is no surprise to me that the best tracks on here such as “Dangerous” and “Replica” are the ones on which Jamie takes the reigns.

Something I really admire about this record is that it shows the band expanding in a way that suits them but also pushes their envelope sonically. They are able to introduce more pop-oriented material which opens them up to a new audience while simultaneously maintaining much of what made them so interesting. However, it also seems to me that because of this switch, some of the intimacy is missing from some of their tracks and sometimes singers Romy and Oliver seem as though they are trying to force emotions into their voices.

Overall, I rank this as a solid runner-up in The xx’s catalogue putting their debut ahead while placing Coexist way…. way back. It’s definitely a record that is worth listening to and I foresee this LP being a major grower for me this year.

Best Track: Dangerous


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