Feature Album | Kate Vargas | Strangeclaw

–by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur

Kate Vargas | Strangeclaw

Kate Vargas | Strangeclaw

This Lp represents everything that I love about Americana music. It’s gritty, emotional, honest, passionate and more than anything, this album is cool. On this 8 track, all killer no filler album Kate Vargas, an Albuquerque, New Mexico native, proves that she is not only capable of creating catchy and thought-provoking songs but also has a knack for putting together a full length Lp that is cohesive and well though out. Strangeclaw is filled with catchy, up-beat song that showcase the singer’s unique beautiful voice and charming playing style. One of the most spellbinding moments on the record come in the form of a track called “Good Stuff” on which Vargas tries her hand at creating a more drawn out, softer song in contrast to the higher paced folk songs that make up the rest of the Lp. On this track the instrumentation, which seems to be heavily influenced by early Pink Floyd, is a perfect backing for Vargas’ soft, breathy vocals. The entire track is a fantastic piece of music and should make it onto everyone’s late fall playlists. Overall Strangeclaw is a promising work that shows Vargas’ progression from singer/songwriter to master of Americana. I think that Impose Magazine said it best when they described Kate Vargas’ new Lp Strangeclaw as “The musical version of an afternoon sprawled out across fresh cut grass, caressed by the warmth of the sun.” Have a listen to Strangeclaw below:

Best Track: Good Stuff



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