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–by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur

Foxygen | Hang

Foxygen | Hang

In 2013, Foxygen released one of the most reminiscent yet interesting records of the year, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic. The originality of their brand of comical indie/psych rock was more than enough to excuse the blatant “borrowing” of sounds that the group took from the great psych records of the late 1960’s. Their next record, …and Star Power, however, was a ghastly, sprawling 82-minute affair that put the band’s pretension on full display. That, along with the fact that Foxygen has broken up nearly a dozen times in the last couple of years, caused me (along with many fans of the band) to have major reservations when their new record was announced.

It seems  the group has learned from the mistakes made on Star Power, as this record is a short, concise piece of work that features a full orchestra and is jam packed with fantastic tunes. Tracks like “Follow the Leader” and “America” show off members Sam France and Jonathan Rado’s ability to orchestrate fantastical arrangements to match their music. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy Foxygen’s eclectic and often confusing style, Hang is a return to form for the California-based indie group and will, in my opinion, be remembered as one of the group’s best records.

Best Track: Follow the Leader


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