Feature Album | Common | Black America Again

–by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur

Black America Again

Black America Again

Did anybody see this coming? By rap standards, Common isn’t exactly a spring chicken and definitely hasn’t been making his best stuff as of late. Since his highly critically acclaimed LP Be the quality of Common’s work has been going steadily downhill. It seems like the “conscious” rapper was in need of inspiration in order to mount his comeback and return to greatness seen on his earlier records, and boy has he ever got it over the past couple of years. Featuring a cast of incredible artists such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Bilal and BJ The Chicago Kid, Black America Again may be Common’s most important album yet.

Similar to recent releases like Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly and D’Angelo’s Black Messiah, Common uses the new album to address issues like the Black Live Matter movement as well as the seemingly endless onslaught of street shootings taking place in the United States. More than anything, Common’s new record is a protest statement in a long line of protest statement records which addresses the dissatisfaction and intolerance for racial difference and inequality for African-Americans in the States. What I love so much about this album is that it shows that Common is still hungry, still pissed off and still able to make a difference with his pen.


Best Track: Black America Again feat. Stevie Wonder


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