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–by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur


Candy Cigarettes LP

Sometimes I find myself wondering ‘Can I really expect anything new from another indie-pscyh album?’ As it is one of my favourite genres, I must have listened to nearly 1,000 records that classify themselves as “indie-psych” and a lot of the time, it’s difficult to separate one from another. That’s why when I found  Candy Cigarettes LP, the debut album by multi-instrumentalist/producer Lane Mueller, I was incredibly surprised by the amount of innovation and original ideas found on the album. Part of Mueller’s charm is that he is able to weave humor in and out of his music to create a fantastic set of songs that do not seem to take themselves too seriously, and can still manage to create a lasting impression on a sonic level.

Upon first listen songs like “Selling Price” and “MY 45” are immediate standouts but if you give the record a few spins what you will find is that every single track offers something special on it’s own. Elliot Smith influenced album closer “Cabin Fever” is a testament to how Mueller can use his influences to create exciting new tracks while avoiding sounding unoriginal (like so many artists do) while “Tidal Wave in My Arms” is a hazy instrumental that shows Mueller’s more introspective side. All in all there is something for everyone on this album and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys original yet reminiscent music.

Have a listen to the entire LP on SoundCloud here.

Best Tracks: “Selling Price”, “MY 45”, “Tidal Wave in My Arms”


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