Feature Album | The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Third World Pyramid

by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur

The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Third World Pyramid

The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Third World Pyramid

The only thing that has stayed consistent throughout The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s long and illustrious career is singer Antone Newcombe’s distinct voice and their prominently featured tambourine. Other than that, the experimental-psych band has always looked to innovate their sound and has never pigeonholed themselves. For a band to genuinely continue to keep their sound interesting after 20 years is the hope of most musicians but a hope that is only realized by the supremely talented.

Back in the 90’s there was rarely a TBJM album release that was shorter than an hour but lately on albums such as Mini Album Thingy Wingy (My vote for best album name of all time), Aufheben and now Third World Pyramid the band is making more concise and consistent records which, in my opinion, is usually a good thing. On this, their latest release the band continues to forge new avenues and ideas that will no doubt influence many of the up and coming psych bands looking to start a career of their own. Moving forward, we can only hope the seemingly everlasting well of ideas within Newcombe doesn’t dry up any time soon. For, what would the psych scene be without TBJM?


Best Track: Don’t Get Lost


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