Feature Album | NxWorries | Yes Lawd!

by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur


Nx Worries | Yes Lawd!

YES LAWD! 2016 is Anderson Paak’s year. Whether or not his LP from earlier this year, Malibu tops “Best Albums of the Year” lists matters not. He is arguably the greatest emerging talent and his distinct singer/rapper voice raises him above the rest of the field clearly and often. Paak teaming up with a successful new producer like Knxwledge makes sense because both bring things out in the other that they are simply not capable of doing alone. Knxwledge’s stoner beats blend perfectly with Paak’s swooning vocals and it is so good, so often on so many levels.

On this LP, NxWorries focusses on creating many short, almost incomplete sounding tracks reminiscent of Madvillain’s debut MadvillainyAlthough they don’t necessarily reach the same heights as MF Doom and Madlib did on their debut, what is clear is that there is serious potential for this collaboration project to be something special. I am more than excited to hear what they can do on their next release.


Best Track:  Suede


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