Feature Album | C Duncan | The Midnight Sun

by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur

C Duncan | The Midnight Sun

C Duncan | The Midnight Sun

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On this, C Duncan’s follow up to his Mercury Prize nominated debut Architect, the Scottish producer continues to develop his skills in creating mesmerizing atmospheres with grandiose synths and haunting vocals. Throughout these 11 tracks Duncan’s soundscapes sound as though they have travelled from another dimension in order to touch our undeserving ears. On this LP Duncan simultaneously invokes feelings of warmth and love while also bringing forth a deep seeded sadness within the listener. Although Duncan’s lyrical message is sometimes lost beneath layers of heavy synth, for this record it is the overall feeling that is the most important. With his sophomore release, Duncan has solidified himself as one of the important producers making music right now.

Best Track: Other Side



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