About Us

Without art, there is no life; there is only existence.

Creating is an integral part of being human, and if not creating, then enjoying the creations of others. Finding someone who does not have an emotional connection to some kind of art – whether visual art, music, movies, theater, literature or design – is virtually impossible.

Every one of us involved in this site recognized the importance of the arts in our lives early on, with a passion that often displaced other responsibilities. In fact, this site started as something completely different, but we kept finding music and art were getting all the attention, and so we stopped fighting our own inclinations and made it exactly what it should have been in the first place: a site dedicated to the arts – and to the fascinating creative process.

And so we bring to you TheVioletWave.com, where you can learn about our favorite musicians and visual artists. You can listen to their newest releases or see their newest productions.

You can meet and discover up-and-coming artists in all genres, and you can reacquaint yourself with others who have been around for awhile.

You can learn about individuals and companies that help support the arts through promotions, through supporting events or through their own initiatives.

And you can support artists yourself by shopping in our Uncommon store.

We look forward to hearing from you in our comments sections, through our contact page or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and please let us know about anyone in the arts you think our readers should know better. We are nothing without them – or you!