5 Netflix Picks for Anti-Valentine’s Day

– by Cecily Knobler –

Really, how many times can you watch Love, Actually on Valentine’s Day in a lifetime? Or any film wherein a couple has to run around a city, ultimately meeting each other on the top of a tall landmark? (Question: do so many romantic films wind up with their leads on top of a building so that if one of them changes their mind, they can jump? Just curious.)

fatalattractionSo how ‘bout this February 14th, indulge in what we call the “Anti-Valentine’s Day” movie binge? Instead of lovey-dovey hokum, let’s watch the films that remind us that it’s not only okay to be single, it can sometimes even be better.

1. Fatal Attraction

See how one hot night can quickly turn into obsession, which leads to stalking, which ends with Glenn Close exclaiming to Michael Douglas, “I’m not gonna be IGNORED, Dan!” (For the record, she wasn’t ignored. She was Oscar-nominated for Best Actress.) Chilling, horrific and a great life lesson: don’t cheat!

swingers-poster2. Swingers

The ultimate bromance about how a breakup can spawn rebirth! Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau are so absurdly funny and non-romantic, it’s perfect for this day. (It will remind you that you’re so money, and you don’t even know it!) Plus, you’ll never want to leave a message on an answering machine/voicemail again.

unfaithful-movie-poster-2002-10202701943. Unfaithful

Interestingly, the same director from Fatal Attraction (Adrian Lyne) helmed this Richard Gere/Diane Lane/hot French guy triangle, once again illustrating the perils of infidelity. First Diane has to endure a boring marriage. Then she has to worry that said boring husband will off super hot affair-guy. See how much easier it is to stay single?

4. Kill Bill (VOLUMES 1 AND 2)

Want to watch a strong woman kick kill-bill-postersome vengeful ass? Well here ya go. Tarantino enlisted his self-proclaimed muse, Uma Thurman, to exemplify that beauty and strength (and violence and femininity) can go hand-in-hand. The “bride” has no interest in being a victim and nor should you!

5. The Break-Up

the-break-up-comedy-movies-47952_514_755This got mixed reviews from the critics (which I totally didn’t understand as I thought it was pretty enjoyable.) But what better way to spend an anti-romantic night than to watch a couple fight … and fight … and fight. Of course, Vince Vaughn (I’m a little obsessed with him, seemingly) and Jennifer Aniston make it look adorable. But watching it, it’s hard to envy the crumbling of their love affair.