10 Trip Hop and Beats Albums for the Sound Tripping Stoner

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

People love listening to music when stoned, that’s just a given fact. Like how the sky is blue and how the grass is green. While there are many, many different kinds of music that cater to the many, many kinds of stoners, trip hop seems to be a solid common ground.

Here are 10 albums that will for sure entertain and keep stoners on the top of their sound trip game.

1. Nightmares on Wax – Smoker’s Delight (1995)

The title of the album alone is enough to make you feel enticed, and listening to it while high is quite the experience. The producer is known for sampling and remixing the greatest hits of jazz, soul, and 90’s hip-hop, and he is absolutely triumphant with Smoker’s Delight. It’s a mix album where the tracks are non-stop flowing one after the other. Put this on the decks and it’ll be like you hired a fresh dj for you and your friends.

Listen to: Me & You, Stars, Wait a Minute

2. Teebs – Ardour (2010)

L.A.’s Teebs is one of our favorite beatmakers, and considering that he released his debut album “Ardour” on 2010 makes that quite a feat. The talented musician is from the Brainfeeder family, a pool of highly talented electronic indie acts, and his style is absolutely distinct. He incorporates cascading textures lined with soothing harp sounds, and listening to this album makes you feel like you’re submerged in water.

Listen to: Double Fifths, Round Ball

3. Telefon Tel Aviv – Fahrenheit Fair Enough (2001)

The underrated Israeli electronic duo is definitely unique when it comes to the electro/ trip-hop sound. They play on gentle and hypnotic, sometimes aggressive robotic overtones mixed with groovy, soft beats that could leave listeners, especially high ones, in a daze.

Listen to: John Thomas On the Inside is Nothing But Foam, TTV

4. Thievery Corporation – Radio Retaliation (2008)

If you’re starting to get into a heated debate about politics with your friends during a smoke session, listen to this album to calm things down. Meant to be a political album, “Radio Retaliation” is the band’s fifth release recorded in their hometown of Washington, D.C. Like the band’s signature trip hop style, this album is diverse in mood: one track you’re bumping heavily to and then feeling sedated the next.

Listen to: 33 Degree, Beautiful Drug

5. TOKiMONSTA – Midnight Menu (2010)

The talented female producer from Los Angeles has been breaking hearts and beats in such a well-acclaimed way that it’s hard to not put her in this list. “Midnight Menu” is an ambient collection tracks adorned with her signature break beats, dub trap finishes, making it the perfect album to listen to during a pre-game smoke out before you and your friends head out.

Listen to: Gamble, Cheese Smoothie

6. Bonobo –The North Borders (2013)

If you’re on something with a body high, then this album is perfect for it. Simon Green, aka Bonobo, has got to be one of the most important contemporary trip hop artists simply because of his innovative take on the chilled out sound. The environment advocate and immensely talented musician has released 6 studio albums, but his 2013 record, “The North Borders” has got to be on top of our list. Black Sands and Animal Magic are way up there as well, but the overall composition of the tracks in The North Borders is flawless and ephemeral at the same time. Guest appearances include Erykah Badu and Andreya Triana for that soulful overtone.

Listen to: Sapphire, Emkay

7. The Cinematic Orchestra – Every Day (2002)

If you like jazz and electro melded together with break beats and gorgeous horn section sessions, then this album is the one. Also, The Cinematic Orchestra has got to be one of the most underrated electro nu jazz acts of all time. Indie label Ninja Tune can really do no wrong when it comes to innovative artists helming the electronic sound, and they hit the jackpot with this band.

Their 2002 release, “Every Day” has a trippy homage to Dziga Vertov’s iconic 1920’s movie, “Man With A Movie Camera” and it’s as mind blowing. Patrick Watson even makes an appearance in the moving track “To Build A Home.” Composition and vibe-wise, The Cinematic Orchestra has got it all figured out for you lucky stoners.

Listen to: (Evolution feat. Fontella Bass, Man With A Movie Camera)

8. Portishead – Portishead (1997)

There’s no denying the timeless brand of trip hop that Portishead patented, and in the trip hop world, saying “I don’t like Portishead” is comparable to saying that you hate The Beatles if you’re a fan of rock and roll. While most of people who listen to Portishead always associate them with their hit record, “Dummy,” Portishead’s second eponymous release is far better and has more depth. If it were a person, it would be that dark, brooding dude in the corner filled with so much wisdom, hidden charm, and moves to make every girl say yes.

Listen to: Undenied, Western Eyes, Over, Only You

9. Ta-ku – 50 Days for Dilla Vol. 1 (2002)

When it comes to being prolific, Taku is your guy. The Australian beatmaker released a series of homage records for his favorite producers, Nujabes and J.Dilla, and the latter is a glorious, bouncy, colorful ride to the sonic realm. It’s filled with upbeat stretches, tasteful cuts and sampling, and it will make you dance non-stop no matter how high you are.

Listen to: Day 4, Day 5

10. Guardner – Paris Can Wait (2004)

While it could be a lesser-known selection in this list, Guardner’s Paris Can Wait is an atmospheric ride from start to end, complete with highs, lows, plateaus, and listening to it is almost akin to going on a real sonic adventure. If you’re too high or lazy to get out of the couch, then this album is a good alternative

Listen to: NYC, Tidal Flat


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