10 COLORS Performances You Need To Check Out

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

There are a lot of live music platforms in the internet today, but COLORS is absolutely one of our favorites. The taste level is on a different level, and it’s a great way to discover indie artists from all genres and all over. Their famous tag line, “All COLORS, no genres” strike as true with the wide range of sound from artists offering colorful and flavorful tunes. The media company based in Berlin is relatively new in the  game, and we must say that their way of presenting their videos is the most unique. COLORS feature pantone colors assigned to artists that dictate the background, feel, and production, with talent striking out the most.

While their YouTube page is filled with so many amazing videos, we handpicked 10 performances that you need to check out, especially if you’re into hiphop, soul, r&b, and of course, indie rock.

1. “Rhymes To The East” by Sampa the Great
A poet, an emcee, and a true carrier of high taste, Sampa the Great delivers a solid performance of “Rhymes To The East” for Colors. She is a promising act in the hiphop world, and this track proves her might.


2. “Wasn’t Looking” by Eliza
Striking in a vibrant hue of purple, London-based singer and songwriter, Eliza, sings in a seductively poignant way in this performance. She has an oldschool r&b tone that’s heavy on the bass, and that’s what makes this song stand out.


3. “Pause” by IAMDDB
She’s got swag and taste, and this singer from the UK is slowly gaining traction with her smooth r&b and neo-soul tinged songs. Like most singers featured in COLORS, IAMDDB has a 90’s r&b flair that’s just too a


4. “Like Really” by Oddisee
Oddisee is by far one of the most underrated rappers in the game. His intelligence is evident in the rhymes he spits, as he talks about social issues and politics in his vast body of work. His flow is also incredibly fluid and fast, and all of these are seen in this performance.


5. “Be A Man” by JMSN
The multi-instrumentalist from Detroit has a silky soulful tone, and it shines through this performance of his hit, “Be A Man.”


6. “Backseat” by Little Simz
Incredibly skilled and nicknamed by her peers as “Bars Simszon” for her fast and witty rhymes, Little Simz from the UK is a true artist. This performance of “Backseat” shows how ingenious this young emcee is, especially with her style and flow.


7. “Navajo” by Masego
“Trap Jazz” pioneer and talented musician, Masego, shows his smoothness in this lovely track.


8. “Soft Porn” by Puma Blue
The South East Londoner has a soft, lo-fi hip-hop sound with bits of J. Dilla on his melodies with an infectious jazz vocal play. It’s simple, hypnotic, and easy to listen to.


9. “Gun” by Allan Rayman
While most of the live performances in COLORS feature the softer, more softer range, Allan Rayman represents the gritty, grungy, and edgier side of music. His gritty voice and powerful guitars will draw you in.


10. “Leftovers” by Dennis Lloyd
Imagine a jazzier, trumpet-playing Citizen Cope and you’ll get Dennis Lloyd from Tel Aviv.

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