Your Perfect Scent

By Farah Merani 

Scent is one of the strongest and most powerful of all our senses. The smell of freshly baked bread evokes feelings of home, comfort and nostalgia. No wonder real estate agents use it during open houses. Naturally, we are affected by scents that we have a close historical connection to; it’s called sense memory. Actors use it to recall emotional responses for their characters, hypnotists use it for similar purpose, and the average Joe or Jane uses it to attract their desired mate while asserting their identity in the world. That’s the power of scent.

Imagine you walk into a room and all you can smell is a tantalizing combination of husky musk and smoky wood, with a hint of ocean breeze. Immediately, you’re drawn towards the individual around whom this aroma lingers. Whether it’s conscious or not, whatever smells you’re attracted to, you will instinctively gravitate towards it. The reverse is also true. Others are equally drawn to you and your scent, whether it’s your natural pheromones or the White Musk that you’ve been wearing since high school. Curious to learn what your favorite scents mean? Read on.

  • Citrus

Citrus is the perfect combination of sharp and sweet.

Chances are, you are crisp and confident. With a balanced sense of humor and feminine appeal, you know when to pull out the flirt without overdoing it, be the romantic without gushing, and assert yourself without the overkill.

Scent ingredients to look for: Orange peel or zest, bergamot and basil.

  • Floral

Floral scents always evoke bright and cheerful thoughts.

There’s nothing like having fresh cut flowers to perk up your day. If you’re into the light and whimsical nature of floral scents, you’re likely a romantic at heart with your feet on the ground. Much like the long-stemmed roses so often used the base scent of these perfumes. Floral-wearers tend to be comfortable with their femininity, laid-back and good-natured.

Scent ingredients to look for: Rose, jasmine and blossoms.

  • Earthy and Woodsy

Who wouldn’t want to smell like this tranquil scene?

If you’re attracted to sleek and clean lines, whether in your wardrobe or on your walls, and modern minimalism is your thing, you’re sure to gravitate to scents that are bold and complex but never overpowering. Making a statement is important to you but you’re not one to scream for attention. Unisex scents are perfect for the multifaceted individualist who oozes sophistication.

Scent ingredients to look for: Grass, cedar, and sandalwood.

  • Musk and Oriental

Vanilla is a scent that is instantly recognizable, and always alluring.

You’re not afraid to present your sensual self if you like fragrances based on musk, vanilla or amber. These warm and opulent scents envelop the wearer like a rich, luxurious velvet blanket. There’s no room for hiding with these scents, as part of their allure is in the power of their pull and lasting impressions. Word of note, musk-wearers should apply the fragrance directly to the pressure points (base of the neck and inner wrists and elbows). As your body temperature rises throughout the day, the scent will too.

Scent ingredients to look for: Musk, vanilla, amber, and tobacco

  • The Classics

Never be afraid to stick with what you know.


There’s a reason certain fragrances have enduring appeal and transcend generations. Chanel No.5 is a perfect example of how the right combination of scents is still worn and associated with those who are polished, well put together and sophisticated. You wear classic scents because you’re strong-minded without being overbearing, and always present yourself with composure and elegance.

Scent ingredients to look for: Ylang-ylang, neroli, vetiver

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