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–by Angelina Morino, World Traveller


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Our time in Switzerland was wild and memorable. The rolling hills, the pristine lakes, the untouched natural beauty of the Alps and the breathtaking landscape that tumbled upon us as we traversed within it, we arrived and were in awe. Travelling in the midst of summer we managed to unknowingly coincide our visit with the famous ‘Zurich Festival,’ an enormous street party with 4 million of our closest pals, an event of epic proportions that takes place every few years.  Switzerland was every bit as glorious as we had imagined. One of the wealthiest countries in the world, not to mention clean as a whistle, dishing out delectable delights and flaunting the friendliest of folk, our three days there were simply not enough!

Arriving in Switzerland

Arriving in Switzerland

Languages spoken vary between French, Italian, Romansh and German additionally, majority of inhabitants speak near perfect English. With a population of only 8 million people, minimal religious beliefs and one of the highest life expectancies in the world, it’s no wonder the Swiss have maintained their European Superpower Status.

Language: French, German, Italian, Romansh and English

Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF)

Euro Climate: 3 degree Winter (Dec – Feb) and 27 degree average Summers (Jun – Aug/Sept)

So, Im here…Now what?

Get outdoors early and take a deep breath. Smell that? That is the scent of the “Zu-Reich’ (Too Rich), but don’t be fooled by one of the World’s biggest financial hubs because this place sure knows how to show you a good time!

Public Transport is a dream – Jump aboard and away we go!

A fan of architecture perhaps?


A fan of architecture perhaps?

The undisputed king of Modernism, Le Corbusier was a Swiss Architect, Designer, writer and urban planner that pioneered an entire movement of modern design. Head to the Heidi Weber Museum and prepare to be enthralled.

Yes Madam, you are officially in Chocolate country!

Lindt is hands down the most deliciously, delectable chocolate available for devouring so rent a free city bike and develop a calorie deficit so you can jiggle that ass all the way back to the city after the factory visit.

Head to the website for the address and opening times.

A spot of people watching perhaps?

Maybe cable cars are your preferred mode of transportation?

Maybe cable cars are your preferred mode of transportation?

Head to Bahnhofstrasse Old Town, an area perfect for window shopping and mingling with the affluent locals  – See what it truly means to be effortlessly chic.

Zurich is littered with museums, galleries and artisan stores – amble along the cobblestone path and let the city take you on an adventure. Another fabulous way to experience life as a local is to hire a bicycle and zip around the city on two wheels –  There are cycle tours you can join and plenty of hubs where bicycles can be hired!

Maybe Cable Cars are your preferred mode of transport. Waste no time, climb aboard and ascend toward the Swiss Hills!  A climb toward Felsenegg is a must-see moment for any visiting traveller. Before and after the dramatically impressive sunset you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the City of Zürich.

Zurich Festival 


A fun fare for all!

Rolling into town every few years, this street party is one of the biggest I have ever seen – with roughly 4 million people (thats 50% of the entire country) in attendance, you should expect punters to get down and dirty. With liquor flowing from every bar and rides that would put disneyland to shame, its the one weekend where ties are loosened and pencil skirts shelved.

Ever wonder what port-a-loos look like after 4 million people have popped a squat? Well stop wondering. Its awful – Im surprised I didn’t get pregnant from the toilet seat.


DAY TRIPPERS – Do not forget your camera!



Day trip to Lucerne

The morning after the night before, bleary eyed and with splitting headaches we somehow managed to peel ourselves off the bed and stagger toward the train station dragging our brain cells and dignity behind us as we embarked on a day trip to Lucerne. A somewhat short and efficient train ride later we were met by Marky Mark, a lovely young gentleman whom we had met the night before. He showed us the sights and we lived like a local for that lovely afternoon. Not even the mid-summer torrential downpour could dampen our spirits.


The Lion Monument (The Lion of Lucerne)

The Lion is a sculpture  designed by  Bertel Thorvaldsen and hewn in 1820–21 by Lukas Ahorn. It commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution.  Mark Twain praised the sculpture of a mortally-woundedlion as “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world. Its colossal size and sheer grandiose nature is  really a sight to see and one that will remained etched in your mind for years to come.

The Chapel bridge

The Chapel bridge

The nine clock towers of Lucerne are certainly structures of history that need to be seen, amble along the winding cobblestone lane-ways and discover the magic of days gone by as this old city beckons you to explore its history. More information about the timekeepers can be found here.

The Chapel Bridge

Quite possibly the most nondescript photo ever this is actually Lucerne’s very famous Chapel Bridge known as Kapellbrucke.  Originally built in 1333 but destroyed by a fire in 1993, it was rebuilt in 1994 and spans across the Reuss River. It is Europe’s oldest wooden covered bridge and the oldest surviving truss bridge .


I promise, you will not go hungry

Come Dine with me…

With hundreds of restaurants, cafes and bars littered around the city you are spoiled for choice! Between the chocolate waffles, fresh pretzels, raclette; which is a type of Swiss cheese and a traditional Swiss BBQ, you will not go hungry!

Where shall i fall into bed? (or Who’s… that all depends if ZurichFest is in town or not I suppose!)

We were fortunate enough to be able to stay with family members in Zurich however,  as Always! and are great for accommodation.




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