Top 10 Style Tips From a Pro

– Guest Post, Rachel Matthews Burton, Fashion Stylist – 

styleRachel Matthews Burton is a fashion stylist who has worked for many of the top magazines, fashion brands and advertisers. Here are her top 10 tips to look your absolute best, at all times.

1. Know your body type.

It’s amazing how many women are confused about their shape. There’s lots of information online, including a series I’ll be doing on my new site “Tabella” (launching soon!) called The Body Type Bible.

2. Once you know your body type, figure out the “formula” for clothes that work for you.

For example, if you have bigger boobs, avoid turtlenecks! If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional to help you. It should be a one-time investment that will pay dividends in the long run; no more impulse buying on clothes you won’t wear and shapes that don’t suit you.

3. Shop your own closet.


You may be able to find a whole new look  within your own wardrobe

Take everything out and consider enlisting a friend to help you put some new looks together. Then put your clothes back in your closet according to the new outfits. It’s like rearranging the furniture; sometimes a fresh new look is as easy as shuffling things around.

4. Figure out your personal style.

Use platforms like Pinterest for inspiration. Once you’ve been able to assess the shapes that work on your body you can begin to home in on styles that will suit you. This will help with that overwhelmed feeling I know a lot of women have pre-shopping.

5. Consider sharing clothing with close friends, or swap clothing amongst yourselves.

Agree on what should happen if the item is damaged and how long the borrow period should be for.

6. Before you go shopping, check your state of mind.

Don’t shop when you’re in a bad mood, or if you’re under pressure to find something. Set yourself up for success by keeping a positive attitude and giving yourself plenty of time.


Set a budget and plan before shopping. This will ensue you don’t waste your money on items you never wear

7. When you’re looking to add something to your collection, set a budget.

Tell sales staff up front what you would like to spend. It will save both of you time. Don’t be afraid to tell them if something is more than you would like to spend. They’ll appreciate your honesty!

8. Never, ever impulse buy.

When I was 17, my driving instructor told me “If in doubt, don’t!” Same rule applies to shopping! If you don’t absolutely love it, it shouldn’t come home with you, no matter how much of a bargain you think it is.

9. Determine which items you wear most.

You'll never look your best if you're trying to wear clothes that suit someone else's body. Own yours, wear what fits and suits you best, and feel good about yourself

You’ll never look your best if you’re trying to wear clothes that suit someone else’s body. Own yours, wear what fits and suits you best, and feel good about yourself

Place all your hangers backwards in your closet. When you wear an item, put it back in your closet the right way around. Do this for a month. Any item still hanging backwards, consider selling, trading, or donating.

10. Last but by no means least, learn to adopt a positive body image.

Seriously, teach yourself to turn down the critic and focus on the things you love about your body. Nothing says style like a woman with confidence!