Today’s Tip: Calm Down and Find Some Patience

by Wendy Morley, Publisher


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A constant these days is the busy-ness of everyone. We cram so many things into our daily lives that we’re always rushing. If we’re being honest, sometimes the rushing is caused not because we’re cramming things in but rather we’re spending too much time on Twitter or YouTube, or staying up so late that we push snooze too many times – but whatever the reason, impatience is becoming the standard in everyday life. And frankly, a person’s impatience because of his/her own misjudgment of time is unreasonable and unfair, and sincerely creates a less pleasant world for the rest of us to live in.


Allowing yourself to get angry does NOT help the situation

Allowing yourself to get angry does NOT help the situation

What the hell happened to just being nice? It is not the person working behind the Starbuck’s counter’s fault that you pressed snooze 16 times after staying up all half the night watching Netflix. It’s as much your fault as everyone else’s on the road that there’s a backup of traffic. It may not be your fault that the new person working at the grocery store is ringing things in slowly, but glaring at her, making sure she and everyone around you knows you’re exasperated and checking your watch is not going to speed things up any.


Here’s the thing. Allowing yourself to be impatient doesn’t just make everyone around you miserable; it makes you miserable too. Impatience breeds anger, frustration and irritability. None of these emotions improve the enjoyment of your life. And if you have kids, you do not want their lifelong memory of you being you angrily saying “hurry up!”


Yes, I know. There are times when your patience is tested. But give yourself and everyone else around you a break. Here are some tips for being more patient and calm, and less stressed.


Getting enough sleep every night will help to ensure that a) you aren't late in the morning and b) things don't upset you as easily

Getting enough sleep every night will help to ensure that: a) you aren’t late in the morning and b) things don’t upset you as easily

– Have too much going on in your life? Cut it back! Seriously. Life will go on, and at the end of your life you’ll care about your enjoyment of it, not how much you crammed in.


– Give yourself more time to get where you need to be and do what you need to do. If your drive to work on a good day takes 30 minutes and you leave 30 minutes before you have to be there, you are putting yourself in a precarious position. This is not the fault of any of the drivers around you; it’s your fault.


– On the topic of driving, if you’re late and therefore driving aggressively or getting into road rage incidents with other drivers, you will end up taking even more time because you’ll get pulled over or crash. Yes, you will.


– Go to bed a little earlier, get up a little earlier, leave a little earlier


– As you feel your irritation begin, remind yourself that getting impatient will not resolve anything. In fact, it can make things worse. And here’s something I’ve seen before: Someone angrily reaches the counter and goes off on a tirade, taking up more time for the people behind them.

– At times when your patience is being tested – let’s say an older person in front of you is taking a long time to order and pay for an item – remind yourself to be kind and understanding. When you reach that stage of your life, hopefully the people around you will have learned this lesson.