Villager’s Vox Travel | Roaming Through Rimini, Italy

by Angelina Morino, World Traveler


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Rimini is located on the Adriatic Sea and is one of Europe’s most famous seaside holiday destinations due to its expansive sandy beach littered with banana lounges, huge sun umbrellas, beachfront nightclubs, restaurants and its relaxed, party atmosphere. The locals are more than willing to pass around the Happy Herb, so sit back, relax and watch the world go by.

Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

Climate: 4 degree Winter (Dec – Feb) and 27 degree average Summers (Jun – Aug/Sept)

Did someone say PAR-TAAAY?

Did someone say PARTAY?

Did someone say “PARTAY”?

After travelling around Italy for a couple of weeks and seeing the inside of every museum, gallery and gold-leafed church known to mankind, we stepped out onto the white sands of Rimini with every intent to lay back on a banana lounge, sip cocktails, bathe in Vitamin D and saltwater and rest our tired tootsies.

Summer on the beach was heaving with holiday-makers, both locals and tourists alike. The moment we stepped into our hostel, downed our complimentary beverage and was accosted then escorted by German backpackers, we instantly knew the next few days were going to be just the right amount of crazy.

THIS. Nightclubs are not really my thang, but as they say…’When in Rome’…or in this case Rimini!

What should I see and do?

Chances are you have already seen the best of everything of Italy has to offer. Rimini should really be your last port of call before finishing your trip or moving on to another country.

This is the beach Adventurous Amigos! So get loose, get wet and party on!

Dozens of karaoke bars litter the beach

Dozens of karaoke bars litter the beach. Yes, we made fools of ourselves.

The beachfront is loaded with restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and hostels swarming with punters both sober and drunk. Most hostels run a nightly ‘Pub Crawl’ and for a small fee will drop off and pick up at designated times and venues. This is a great way to get a taste for the beverages and the variety of venues whilst meeting locals and fellow travellers. If karaoke makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, unleash your inner rockstar here – There are dozens of karaoke bars littered along the beach.

During the day, the white sands beckons and is certainly the place to be. If you are seeking activities to take part in, there is windsurfing, kite surfing and of course cocktail sipping available right on the beach. Alternatively majority of hostels and hotels organize guided tours to the historical sites scattered around Rimini.

Where should I rest my head?

My girlfriends and I stayed at the Sunflower Beach Backpackers Hostel (there is also a city branch). Accommodation was basic but it was very clean, comfortable and the staff and guests were super friendly. I would certainly recommend it! (oh! Breakfast included!)


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