Real Life X-Files

–By Mark MacDonald–

ufo clouds

You don’t need to be Fox Mulder to believe in UFOs. In fact, recent studies have shown that a majority of Americans, for example, believe there are signs aliens have visited the Earth. But with the proliferation of ‘fake’ stories, altered footage and utter hoaxes, and with sales of UFO conspiracy books providing an incentive to concoct strange encounters, it’s hard to find plausibility amidst the deluge of nonsense. Dig deep, however, and what you find may discomfort you.

The study of Unidentified Flying Objects has, for the most part, been met with skepticism and even intentionally discredited, however, there have been a small number of scientific analyses of the phenomena. In 1999, a French inter-governmental document, known as COMETA, was published in a special issue of the magazine VSD. Entitled ‘UFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare For?’ it is an independent report on UFOs by the French association COMETA that details the results of a study by the Institute of Higher Studies for National Defense.

The COMETA association is made up of a group of experts in various fields and presided over by General Denis Letty of the Air Force. The report is prefaced by Andre Lebeau, former President of the National Center for Space Studies (the French equivalent of NASA) and uses the testimony of military officers, radar technicians, and other qualified witnesses usually corroborated by evidence such as radar detections and lab analysis of soil samples or foliage gathered on-site. The result is a document that presents a substantial case for the existence of UFOs and is more than compelling-it’s downright unnerving.

Here are some of the most convincing accounts of UFOs from the last half-century:

Lakenheath, 1956


A speedy UFO outmaneuvers an RAF aircraft

At approximately 11pm on August 13th, 1956 an incident took place in the skies above two joint USAF and RAF military bases near Cambridge, England. Radar at Bentwaters base detected an unidentified object travelling at a speed of 2,000-4,000 mph, which was later observed by personnel at the control tower as well as the pilot of a military transport plane flying nearby. Both visual sightings confirmed the radar detection, described as a bright light moving at incredible speed at an altitude of roughly 1200m.

As the night progressed, radar operators detected a stationary object 40km southwest of the base, near the trajectory of the bright light observed earlier. Technicians saw the object immediately accelerate to a speed of 600-900 kilometers per hour, change direction several times, then repeatedly stop and accelerate to top speed without any transition.

The RAF sent a Venom night fighter to pursue the object and the pilot was able to acquire the target twice visually and on radar before losing it. A short time after, the object was observed by radar operators flying a short distance behind the fighter. The pilot attempted every conceivable maneuver in order to shake the object but to no avail. The UFO kept its short distance constant and followed the Venom until, low on fuel, the RAF fighter returned to base. The unidentified object then made several short moves before heading north at approximately 950 km/h and disappearing from radar at roughly 3:30am.

Valensole, 1965


Maurice, a French villager tells a terrifying tale

Before starting his tractor at around 6am on July 1st, 1965, Maurice Masse, a resident of the village of Valensole in France, heard a hissing sound that caught his attention. Thinking it could be thieves attempting to steal his lavender, Maurice investigated cautiously and spotted an object approximately 90m away, the shape of which he said resembled a Dauphine automobile standing on six legs. Maurice approached and saw two small beings, one of which rendered him immobilized, paralyzed and numb by pointing a tube-like instrument at him. The beings then got back into their craft and Maurice watched as the object lifted off the ground and ascended in a vertical direction more rapidly than a jet. Maurice stayed immobilized and numb for 15 minutes before coming to and reporting the incident.

The authorities investigated this case for several days and established the existence, at the spot Maurice identified, of a depression impressed in the ground, in the center of which was a cylindrical hole 40 cm deep with smooth walls. The lavender beds along the object’s axis of flight were dried up, and the phenomenon lasted several years, during which time repeated attempts to replant the lavender failed. Data collected by the gendarmes confirmed the plausibility of the facts and investigations into the character of the witness did not reveal any cause to believe he was staging a hoax or was delusional. Maurice reportedly slept 12-15 hours a night, followed by paralysis, for several months after the encounter.

Tehran, 1979


A UFO is spotted in Iran

On the night of September 18th 1979, at approximately 11:00 pm, Tehran airport control tower received several reports of a luminous object in the sky above the city, prompting General Youssefi of the Imperial Air Force Command (who observed the UFO himself from his balcony) to order a Phantom F-4 reaction aircraft on a mission to intercept the craft. Once within 45 km of the object, the F-4 suddenly lost the use of flight instruments and means of communication. The crew aborted the interception and was able to regain control of their instrumentation after heading back to base and a second F-4 was sent to once again intercept the unidentified object, described as cylindrical with ends that pulsed bluish-white lights.

The second F-4 intercepted the UFO, which shone so intensely its size could not be determined. The object accelerated to maintain a constant distance of 45 km between itself and the pursuing aircraft, then a bright light appeared suddenly and exited the UFO, heading rapidly towards the F-4. The Iranian pilot attempted to shoot a missile at the bright light, but at the same instant his console and communications equipment became inoperable.

The bright object later re-entered the UFO from which it had exited, after the F-4 initiated a bank and dive to evade it. The F-4 crew later witnessed another object exit the UFO, this time descending rapidly to the ground before touching down gently and shining a bright light over an area roughly 2 to 3 km in diameter, later determined to be a dried up lake.

Given the credibility of the authors and witnesses involved in the COMETA report, along with the compelling evidence presented in the case studies, it is not hard to imagine that many of the events described in the document occurred in the manner they were described. If so, there are few alternatives than to assume we are not alone in the universe, something many across the world have already come to believe.