Real Gone, by Seth Worley

– by Wendy Morley –

If I’m going to watch a comedy, I’m much more apt to enjoy it if it’s dark. Ok granted, the subject matter of this film is touchy, but hey that’s what dark comedy is about, isn’t it?

Under Seth Worley’s seamless direction the poor main character (just about the only character, actually), played by Darren Vandergriff, is convincingly pathetic with his dull, silent and solitary life. The colors of the film are so faded and sepia-toned that it almost feels black and white, like the old movie he’s watching as he hatches his plot at the beginning. (As an aside, I’ve noticed quite a few short films have characters watching old black-and-white movies. In this case he needs the words “The End” to appear on the screen, but in general I wonder why?)

Anyway, if you are in the mood for a little gallows humor and a “happy” ending, then you should enjoy this one.

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