Never Steady, Never Still, by Kathleen Hepburn

– by Wendy Morley –

neversteadyI admit my short film selection this week is a bit of a cheat. This is a short of the short Never Steady, Never Still, which I cannot show you in its entirety. A concept short, it was picked up and is currently in post-production as a feature film.

Despite all this, the clip below does still capture that “short story” aspect I’m always talking about. It’s like a photograph – telling a story but hinting at a bigger one. A beginning, middle and end is unnecessary for a short, in my opinion; it can be a glimpse – a glimpse that gives insight and also asks questions. That’s what this is.

And it’s just so damn good! Tina Hedman, as the main character Judy, absolutely nails it. I’m never really sure while watching a film how much of superior acting is the actor and how much is the director, but I’m guessing it’s a true pas de deux, and in this case, wow. It works.

Have a look at the short, below. I’ll be very interested to see the feature film.

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