Move To Survive

– by Brendan Reid, Staff Writer –


More than anything, stagnation is man’s worst enemy.

In this man is not alone. Rarely are wild animals still for any longer than they have to be. Herds cease their movements to sleep, but only because there are members of the group who stay awake and keep watch. To roam is to find food, to stave off cold, to hunt, and escape predators.


Physical motion is something that keeps all animals healthy and happy.

Motion keeps us healthy and happy. Exercise is one of the most exhilarating experiences in the human repertoire, and helps us build strength in our muscles and minds. When we exercise, as our ancestors did on a daily basis, we are achieving a primal purpose, and using our bodies as they are meant to be used. They are engines, and when we hone them incredible things can be accomplished.

Motion can have potent emotional and spiritual implications. Dance, for example, is a way to express oneself through pure motion, and can be used to translate emotional stress into a manageable format. Dance is an art form, and is a way to communicate feelings and ideas that cannot easily be translated through speech.  Even if you dance just for yourself, doing so is very therapeutic, and can help you through tough times.


Dance is a form of motion that benefits the body and mind equally.

Moving from place to place can also be very healthy. Staying in the same living space for to long can make you feel claustrophobic, and can stunt your emotional growth. While it is not entirely practical to move about as frequently as animals do, a move might be just the thing you need to get out of a long slump. If you are feeling frustrated or bored with your life, a move might be just the thing you need, and could help you look at the world in a new way.

Movement in a professional sense is also very important for human growth. I use the term professional very loosely here. “Professions” do not always have to  provide you with income, but can also be the things that bring your life meaning, such as hobbies and sports. You should always be pushing yourself that extra mile, attempting new tactics in the games you play, and teaching yourself new tricks on the instrument you are learning. Such activities give life more meaning than any regular job could, and should always be built upon as you live and grow.

Never stop moving, no matter where you are!

Brendan is an avid gamer and music enthusiast. He can often be found hiking through the woods, looking for reckless adventures to embark on. 

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