Manscaping 101

By Mark MacDonald

Surveys show that women prefer men to groom their body hair, a practice now commonly known as “manscaping.” This trend is being reflected in the growth of the number of men who remove their body hair. Recent studies have shown that a majority of millennials “manscape,” and the word itself is now defined in many dictionaries including Here’s a breakdown of manscaping the different body parts.

  • The Back

Recent studies show that a majority of women prefer men to trim their back hair, and a significant amount of them prefer men’s backs to be completely shaven. Using a razor is often difficult, especially for those without a great deal of flexibility, but fear not, there are plenty of products available to help. The Mangroomer Pro is a nifty device that is adjustable and bends along a hinge, enabling you to shave hard-to-reach areas on your back. A wireless electronic shaver that comes with a power cable to re-charge it, the Mangroomer is an efficient way to remove unwanted back hair. As an alternative, many spas offer men back hair removal by using wax strips to tear the follicles out, or by using a hair removal cream.

  • The Chest
Manscaping 1

Using hair removal products such as Nair and Softsheen will help make manscaping less painful

Unlike back hair, preferences towards chest hair are varied; some women want men to trim the hair, while others desire a completely hairless chest, and a significant number of women would rather their man not touch it at all. If you are going to trim your chest hair, a variety of products such as the Philips Body Groom and the Braun cruZer Body Groomer specifically cater to the practice. If you’re looking for a completely hairless chest, there are a variety of creams like Nair and Softsheen, or waxing strips such as the ones offered by Nad’s For Men.

  • The Behind

According to a survey released by Remington Products, 83% of women believe men should neaten up their behinds. The same study found that nearly two-thirds of men, however, do not tend to that region of their body. Options for taking care of the rear include the man trimmer or hair-removal creams. If using a cream such as Nair, test the area first to make sure your skin does not become irritated by the substance. Assuming all goes well, make sure to keep track of the amount of time you leave it on.

  • Downtown

Keeping it clean downtown can make a world of difference in your love life

An article published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (2014) found that the grooming and removal of “hair down there” was common among young men and women. The same study found that shaving is the most preferred method, with hair removal cream coming in second ahead of waxing. In addition, the study revealed that women care more about their partner’s look south of the border than the size of his package. Products like the Remington Head-to-Toe and the Shick Quattro Titanium Trimmer are available to groom your groin, but it is recommended that you trim after a hot shower and keep your hair about 1/16 of an inch to avoid ingrown hairs. If you are using a razor to shave completely, shave in the direction of hair growth as opposed to against the grain. Cuts and irritations can lead to abscesses or cellutitis, so make sure to be extra careful down there. In case you need some advice or direction, Gillette offers tips on their website and instructional videos.

Whatever your partner’s preference, researchers agree that couples should communicate with each other as to what they find attractive, and you may enjoy enhanced benefits from listening closely.

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