Making Sweaters Cool

– By Mark MacDonald –

Autumn each year, the time when T-shirts-and-shorts wearing comes to an end and sweaters rise once more. Have no fear, you need not look like an antiquated librarian or a boring father; there are many ways to make sweaters look not only cool, but even sexy.

One of the easiest ways to up the cool factor while donning a sweater is to cuff up the sleeves to just below the elbow. Somehow, with this simple adjustment, the sweater suddenly appears more stylish.


Layering collared shirts under sweaters can earn you extra style points

Wearing a collared shirt underneath a sweater can also add some extra style, especially when wearing complimentary colors. Cardigans can also work well in this scenario.

Wool sweaters don’t have to look bad, and they are notoriously warm. Come February, you may be reaching for one. J.G. Glover and Ralph Lauren have plenty that will keep you warm and styling.

The winter is dull and dreary. Colorful sweaters help to brighten the day with a sharp, preppy look. The Gap and Old Navy have this look down pat. Meanwhile, earth-toned sweaters are like a warm fire in a log cabin. Tan, brown, navy and crimson colors are classic and inviting. Perry Ellis and H &M have got you covered.

A contemporary take on semi-formal wear, replacing the buttoned up shirt and tie with a sweater, possibly adding a scarf, can give a dapper and professional look. Valentino is a big fan of this. With the right outfit it can look real classy.

A solid thermal can look really good. A bad one can look really bad. Apart from lucking out at an Army Surplus store, Macy’s and Old Navy are your best bet.


Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to look any less sexy

Military-style sweaters can be stylish, and vintage stores can be a treasure trove. Alternatively, Kenneth Cole’s collection includes modern takes on the look.

With the holiday season approaching, nothing sets the festive mood like an “ugly Christmas sweater.” Years ago these sweaters filled the used-clothing bins but have become so popular they can be hard to find. Visit your local vintage store or your grandmother’s house to find the best one.

Fear not, the winter may bring cold weather and aggravating slush, but you don’t have to stop looking good. Think layers and you will automatically have opportunities.

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