IRL, by Logan Hodson

– by Wendy Morley –

This week’s short might be a bit controversial.

First, it’s really short. A lot of people say a short film should never be shorter than 10 minutes because it doesn’t give enough time to establish the story, but I feel sometimes the story is in what isn’t said, which is certainly the case here.

Second, that’s it. Not much is said. We see a woman going on a first date in real life (IRL) with someone she’s met online. We hear their conversation. We don’t see much of the date. We make up the story that surrounds this small vignette.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been online dating enough that I feel I can see what’s happened here despite the questions, and maybe it’s that the film had great atmosphere, or maybe it’s that the acting, while it didn’t take place for long, was completely believable (both the voices that run behind the film and the brief date scene, but I kinda liked it.

And therefore, it is my short of the week.

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