Indie Game To Look Out For: Ghost Song

by Brendan Reid






For Metroid fans around the world, something has been missing. That thing is, of course, a new game starring Samus Aran, a game that is true to her roots. Metroid is a game that is all about isolated exploration of alien worlds. It’s about finding power-ups, battling grotesque aliens, and revelling in the joy of discovery. The latest entries in the series have strayed from these roots, and fans have been waiting years for a proper return to form.

Enter Ghost Song, the answer to all these wishes.


The protagonist and player character of Ghost Song

Ghost Song is about as indie as an indie game can get. The brainchild of solo developer Matt White and his new studio Old Moon Games, Ghost Song began as a straightforward flash game using the Stencyl engine. Matt was heavily inspired by Super Metroid, and wanted to create a game that recaptured its essence, but with an original twist. He quickly realized that his ambitions were reaching beyond his resources, and initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund his project. The campaign raised an astonishing $54,000, and thus Ghost Song in its current form was born.  Matt was far from alone in his desire for a new Metroid game.

Ghost Song is a game that wears its influences on its sleeve, and does so with pride. Along with Metroid, Dark Souls is a key inspiration, and you can see this clearly in the gameplay demo that Matt recently released. There are chatty NPC’s, an intuitive dodge mechanic, and enemies that have unpredictable and varied move-sets. You must manage resources and have lightening fast reflexes to survive. The world is massive and beautiful, and Matt boasts that over half of it is optional, and littered with secret power-ups for you to discover. Ghost Song doesn’t take you by the hand, and it gives you the freedom to explore as you choose. It’s the kind of game that gamers dream about.


A look at the in-game world of Ghost Song

The art style of Ghost Song is inspired and beautiful, with colours that draw the eye and create the feel of a wonderfully demented alien world. The music is equally as engrossing, featuring mood setting synths and a tone that is simultaneously retro and modern. A great deal of care is being given in the crafting of Ghost Song, and this is clear within a few moments of watching it in action. It has a graphical style that is crisp and clean, with organic animations that are a joy to watch.

As of now, that game is slated for a TBD 2016 release. It will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux, with hopes for a console port later on. For the most up to date information on Ghost Song, you can follow Matt’s Kickstarter blog, and keep tabs on the official Ghost Song website. This is a game that looks incredible, and deserves all the support it can get!

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